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Block paving is a typical sight and popular choice throughout the UK, it offer a versatile, strong and visually pleasing driveway that will last for years. We can help with planning, choosing the right colour and the full instillation process.


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Block Paving Driveways in Manchester.

If you have actually chosen to have block paving installed on your drive, you are talking to the local experts. We have an extensive team of professional block paving installers, who will guarantee you receive a high-quality surface. Our block professionals are experienced and can deliver the ideal driveway, no matter your requirements or budget.

Our installers use a wide array of paving bricks, to ensure we can accommodate any budget plan, too providing the largest selection of colours, sizes, designs and shapes. No job is too small or too large

Types Of Driveway's we offer

- Block Paving

- Resin Bound

- Pattern Imprinted



Our Process

Free Quote

Before we take on any job we always visit the site to talk you through your options and find a solution that suits you. We then send you a full and transparent quote via email for you to approve.

Ground Work

It is vital that the base in which your driveway will sit on it done correctly as it is this that will ensure it will last for many years. Our team will begin the dig out and building the sub-base, ready for your driveway. 

Laying the drive

The final stage of the process in laying your new drive, depending on what finish you have chosen will dictate exactly how this is done but this is often the quickest part of the job and often you will see it come together in a matter of days.


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Block Paving Drive

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Indian Stone Driveway

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Resin Bound Drive

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Pattern Imprinted Drive

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Why would somebody desire block paving?

Block paving looks excellent– UK homeowners have been choosing it to pave their drives given that it first became popular in the 1980s. When laid correctly, it’s a basic principle which offers spectacular results.

The series of styles, bricks, and patterns in which block paving can be organized is all to you, the property owner.

What are the drawbacks of block paving?

Block paving likewise requires routine upkeep as the spaces in between each block show a prime environment for weeds and moss to gather. In communal areas, obstruct pavers can collect fragments and dirt making the paved location look dirty.

If block paving is installed badly, it can experience ‘sinkage’ where pavers on an unequal level begin to sink into the ground listed below with time.

That being said, our team lay a substation sub-base and include a layer of landscaping fabric. This ensures that no dips appear over time and provides maximum protection against weeds. 

You will be advised of the best way to keep your drive looking brand new for years to come by our team when you initially talk to us.

Example of subbase for block paving driveway.

What are the main benefits of block paving?

If laid properly and with the ideal care and attention over the following years, it is an easily customised option that can last for a long time.

Block paving is durable, and various types have different benefits– for example, clay pavers will not fade in time and concrete pavers can be found in a cost effective series of styles and colours.

Block paving is an excellent alternative for those who want a driveway that matches the design of their home, or for those who wish to experiment with patterns and colours for a striking effect.

How long will it require to lay block paving?

For the exact same driveway, the whole job will differ in length depending upon the style of block paving you’re using and how the weather condition behaves. The majority of skilled workers will suggest a minimum of 4-5 days to complete the whole driveway, however you’ll need to consider the vibration plate period (1-2 days) and the duration of abatement after it’s ended up– block pavers require time to settle prior to you can drive over them.

The specialists doing the job
The size of the paved area
The blocks being used, and
The state of the ground ahead of time.

Prior to block paving is laid, the ground should be flattened and cleared of any roots, debris, or debris that could hamper the installation procedure. Typically, a block paving team will dig around 8 inches below ground level, before ‘stoning’ using scalping stone. With a digger, a well organised group, and materials arriving on time, this can be attained in around half a day for a typical 55m ² driveway.

Before, during and after of a driveway we completed in Didsbury.

Driveway in Didsbury
Driveway in Didsbury
Driveway in Didsbury


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Why Our Driveways are so good

They are long lasting!

So you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing it in 5 years’ time. They are built to last.

We only use the best.

This means your drive is made out of the best quality materials by the best tradesmen.

It adds significant value to your home.

This has been confirmed time and time again, our drives actually make you money.

Guarantee Included*

A lot of our products not only have a manufacture guarantee but we also offer our own protection promise and aftercare advice.

Are there options to block paving?

Because of the SUDS legislation, there have actually been substantial steps forward in making driveways drainable. Numerous houses now utilize gravel to cover their driveways as it offers adequate drain and is more affordable than conventional block paving.

A newbie to the permeable driveway marketplace is resin-based block paving which has grown rapidly in appeal because it’s:

There is likewise the (less popular) choice of a concrete driveway readily available to you. However, concrete driveways are understood for cracking under pressure and needing a reasonable quantity of maintenance although the ultimate result can be neat and clean.

Permeable– resin is totally SUDS compliant, indicating you will not need prior preparation consent to have it installed.
Long-Lasting– the products used in a resin driveway are slightly versatile, suggesting they ‘provide’ when vehicles drive over them. This makes them a good option for driveways with a great deal of cars coming and going.

Weed-Resistant– Resin is made up of substances which stops weeds from growing through it, implying driveway maintenance is minimal.

Affordable Block Paving Driveways

We can deliver affordable block paving, without compromising quality. Our skilled pavers will offer a high quality surface that won’t break the budget. There are a large range of pavers offered, each with differing prices.

Selecting more affordable paving blocks can save you a substantial amount of cash, particularly on bigger paving setups, such as a driveway. Numerous economical paving bricks are offered in the same colours and styles as the more expensive brand names, so if you are on a tight budget plan, let us understand and we will more than happy to offer some assistance.

Block Paving Cleaners

The frequency that you will need to clean your driveway paving will depend upon the conditions that it is exposed to. Block paving that is regularly covered in dirt, oil, bird droppings, etc., will need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning up can make your paving appearance brand new once again, and is exceptionally popular when leasing a home or selling.

It is an excellent concept to periodically keep and clean your driveway or courses if you have actually paving set up. A lot of upkeep can be performed by the property owner, such as removing weeds, but for much deeper block paver cleansing, you may want to consider working with a professional. Our expert block paving cleaners utilize expert equipment that thoroughly cleans your driveway, without damaging the blocks.

For a great deal on your block paving cleaning, request a quote today!

What are the steps involved to have my driveway block paved?

  • Contractor will visit your property, take measurement and compute expenses, then provide you with a quote for the work to be carried out.
  • All pipelines (gas, water, drainage) and electrical cabling should lie, to make sure no damage occurs whilst performing the work.
  • Inspect whether you will need preparation consent. Sometimes, you might need preparing consent, such as when your driveway will be more than 5m ² and is not permeable, which causes rainwater to run into the road. If your drive is less than 5m ² or is made from a permeable product, preparing approval is not needed.
  • Elimination of the pre-existing driveway, throwing any unusable waste away. This generally involves either a mini avoid or truck. For DIY driveway removals, you can discover a guide on avoid hire prices here.
  • Lay drainage and connect soakaways (underground containers that distribute excess moisture in the ground).
  • Lay a 150-200mm sub-base, including crushed stone or comparable. This is compressed with a whacker.
  • Secure edging blocks with cement.
  • Lay membrane, if required.
  • Apply sand laying course to a depth of 60-65mm, which drops to roughly 40mm after condensing.
  • Lay the paving blocks.
  • Sweep sand into the gaps in between pavers, and vibrate them to allow the sand to sink down.

Facts about Manchester

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with an abundant commercial heritage. The Castlefield sanctuary’s 18th-century canal system recalls the city’s days as a fabric powerhouse, and visitors can trace this history at the interactive Museum of Science & Industry, also known as the MOSI

Manchester is also home to Manchester United, the most successful club in England and have won 20 league titles, which is more than any other team. They have also won 11 FA Cups and 3 European Cups. https://www.manutd.com/

There are also some excellent Universities and colleges in Manchester, such as:




 Notable Mancunians include: Emmeline Pankhurst, Alan Turing, Noel & Liam Gallagher.

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