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Nothing can turn a garden, patio, or drive from a lovely space to a living nightmare as quickly as a drainage problem. With the right assessment and equipment, a water issue can be solved fairly quickly. We have carried out 100s of repairs all over Greater Manchester.


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We fix most drainage and surface water problems under 24 hours.

There is no one size fits all approach to effectively fixing a drainage issue as there are a number of factors, laws and regulations to consider when deciding on the best approach. A water issue usually appears because the ground is too compact or previous landscaping work has been carried out incorrectly.

Our team have conducted many different land drainage fixes in and around Manchester, with each job being unique our team is highly experienced and can advise you on the best steps to reducing and elimiting surface water.

Popular drainage solutions

– Channel Drain

– Soakaway

– Piped Drainage

– French Ditch


Our Process

Site visit

It is important we visit the affected area to assess the damage, identify the cause of the problem, and asses the best solution for you.


Once our expert has studied the area they will talk you through what they have found and the best way forward. This will be followed up with a fully transparent quote and start date.

Eliminating the water

Based on what our expert and yourself agreed our team will turn up and carry out the work. At all times you will be updated by your dedicated project manager. 

A family struggling with clay soil & how we helped this customer in Prestwich, Manchester.

One of our recent success stories involves a family in Prestwich, Manchester, who were struggling with a waterlogged lawn that made their outdoor space unusable. Our team of land drainage and surface water experts quickly assessed the situation and implemented a comprehensive solution. By installing strategically placed land drains, we were able to divert water away from the lawn effectively. Additionally, we incorporated a soakaway system to handle excess water, ensuring it percolates naturally into the surrounding soil rather than pooling on the surface. The result was a dramatic transformation from a soggy, unusable area into a vibrant, lush family space perfect for play, relaxation, and entertainment.


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The Most Common Drainage Problems In Manchester

large driveways/patios with your drain

Big Driveways or Patios (with non-porous surfaces) develop large catchment areas during rainfall, which is generally directed throughout the surface into neighbouring flower beds or drains. During peak conditions, a big driveway or patio (for example: location 100m2) will capture around 2540 litres if 1 inch (25mm) of rain falls, which frequently performs in peak storm in less than an hour. If the gradient of your Driveway/Patio directs its catchment area of rains to an area that can not manage the large amount of water it collects, then you may experience puddling, waterlogging or perhaps flooding of the afflicted location.

The ground beneath us is complete of water all around the UK, the level of the ground water is understood as the Water Table. If the The Water Table is high and within your location, you will frequently experience wet soils, waterlogging and often flooding. You might be suffering from water entering your property, either springing through the ground, running in over your limit due to a natural slope into your land, water running in from the public highway. If the gradient of your Driveway/Patio directs its catchment location of rains to an area that can not cope with the large amount of water it gathers, then you might experience puddling, waterlogging or even flooding of the affected location.

Clay soils

Your house might be found on Clay Soil, which commonly has a really low porosity i.e. Water can not soak through the clay soil into the ground. When heavy rains or big amounts of water go into the site, this produces wet upper topsoil layers, i.e waterlogging and flooding. Every site has unique residential or commercial properties and attributes, however Oakleigh Manor have a big range of Drainage options which will offer a help your problem.

water entering your property

You might be suffering from water entering your residential or commercial property, either springing through the ground, running in over your border due to a natural slope into your land, water running in from the public highway. Much of these cases frequently not your fault often hard to determine where from, or show it. Rest assured for the most part, Oakleigh Manor can create a service to assist the avoidance of your issue.

Compacted soils

Heavily compacted soils often have a very low porosity i.e. Water can not soak through the clay soil into the ground. These are in some cases triggered by heavy machinery trafficking the location, stockpiling of products within the area. This kind of issue is commonly seen within just recently developed homes or locations that have recently gotten heavy trafficking.

All issue gardens are examined separately for a bespoke option taking into account all the potential contributory aspects. Typically what you believe is the reason for a waterlogged garden is actually just a knock on result from issues somewhere else. Stunning Landscaping has extensive experience of detecting garden drainage problems and identifiying the causes of waterlogged ground

Elements Contributing to Poor Garden Drainage

  • Topography/ lay of the land
  • Positioning relative to inclines
  • Concreted or patio locations
  • Poor guttering on outhouse, greenhouses and so on
  • Soil type, particularly heavy clay
  • Sunshine and shade
  • Grass and moss
  • Changes to neighbouring locations

Symptoms of Poor Garden Drainage

  • Holding water, particularly in borders or low points of the lawn
  • Takes a very long time to dry after rainfall
  • Water constantly present even in summertime
  • Moss on the lawn
  • Marsh grass on the lawn
  • Waterlogged ground!


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